Meet Our Team!

We're small enough to cope, but big enough to care.

Introducing Alex, our Managing Director and Founder.

At just 16, Alex started his career in marketing with a local multi-franchise motor group. As his love for marketing flourished, he started working on some freelance projects. Pollard Media was then born. Over a year or so, Alex started working on more and more little freelance projects and thought "there's some real potential to build something great here!"

In 2020, with nothing more than a laptop and dedication, Alex started to build Pollard Media as an agency.

As the 'side-hustle' grew, and he acquired new clients, Pollard Media began to gain more momentum.


In December 2020, Alex registered "Pollard Media Ltd" and all systems were go! Since then, we have grown rapidly, acquiring 4 more members of staff, many more clients and our first ever office!

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Introducing Lydia, our Digital Marketing Executive.

After a period of time not knowing what she wanted to do for a career, Lydia joined us as a trainee Digital Assistant. 

Very quickly, Lydia picked up how to use the Adobe Creative Suite and rapidly got to grips with the world of digital advertising.

We always knew that Lydia was destined for great things! She now looks after our portfolio of client social accounts, producing fantastic results through paid campaigns and organic presence.

Not only that, but her social asset designs are to die for! She truly is a star.

We cannot wait to see what Lydia achieves next!

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Introducing Kevin, our Operations & Finance Director.

Kevin looks after all of the behind the scenes workings at Pollard Media.

He's a wizard with a spreadsheet and is always looking for better ways to do things.

Coincidentally, Kevin is also Alex's Dad! After Alex started the business, Kevin has been a vital part of Pollard Media's success - helping expand and grow the business with his years of expertise and experience.

Kevin builds fantastic rapport with our clients and is an invaluable member of the team.

We truly would be lost without you Kevin!

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Introducing Sarah, our Customer Success Manager.

Sarah is responsible for looking after our new and existing clients. 

She takes our clients success very personally and loves to watch our clients succeed and thrive.

Whatever industry our client may be in, Sarah always throws herself into their projects and loves to learn about every aspect of their business so that she can tailor her approach especially to each client.

Sarah has big dreams and goals which keep her on her toes! She's always striving to deliver the absolute best.

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