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Our Story

We are Pollard Media, and this is our story...

Consider this our diary! As time goes by, we'll continue to add to our story.

It all started back in May 2019...

Back in May 2019, when Alex was 18 years old and working as an Apprentice Marketing Assistant for a Norfolk-based family-owned multi-franchise car dealer group, he decided to grow a side hustle to bring in some extra money by doing something that he enjoyed. 


Alex had tried and failed to grow his own small business from the age of 15 up until 18, using various brand names and concepts. This time, he decided to put his name to the business in order to further inspire him to make this attempt a success.


And so, Pollard Media was born!

Alex started off by taking on some small freelance gigs, building his experience in the space alongside his Apprenticeship to grow and develop into new and exciting areas of knowledge & capabilities. He continued to take on the occasional freelance gig, building his experience through 2019.

As 2020 approached, Alex was determined to further grow his side hustle, taking on a couple of small new freelance clients. ​

April 2020 came along and Alex was approached by Sarah Keeley, a friend of a friend who was helping her fiancé start an online sports retail business.


Alex started to work closely with Sarah & her fiancé to develop their brand, website & marketing strategy from scratch.

During this time, Alex & Sarah would work long hours, through evenings & weekends to develop their vision and found that they worked exceedingly well together. Toward the end of 2020, Sarah asked Alex "Why don't you do this as a full-time job?" - a question that resonated & stuck with Alex. 

In December 2020, at 19 years old, Alex has his mind set - he was determined to make Pollard Media more than just a side-hustle.


And on 11th December 2020, Alex registered Pollard Media Ltd as a company at companies house. 

Through December, still alongside his daytime job, Alex worked in the evenings & weekends to build his brand & digital presence, ready to prospect businesses in the New Year.


In comes 2021, Alex was ready to make amazing things happen and nothing was going to hold him back.

He started reaching out to businesses that he had identified that could benefit from improvement to their digital presence and implemented a personal, genuine approach - something that a lot of businesses seemingly hadn't experienced up until that point.

In January 2021, Alex welcomes Kevin into the business, who is coincidentally his Father! Kevin brings with him 48 years of Accountancy & Business experience and takes on the responsibilities of the financial operations of the business.


In February 2021, after some persistence, a lot of coffee and late nights, Pollard Media's first client introduction meeting was scheduled.


On the day of the meeting it was snowing - but that of course didn't stop Alex.


He drove what seemed to be the longest 20 miles ever in the snow to his meeting, and successfully onboarded our first 'big' client with two web development projects and accompanying marketing strategies.


Whatsmore, we are proud to say that this client is still with us today!​


Managing & meeting the workload starts to become a challenge alongside Alex's 9-5 commitment, so he approaches a friend from school, Lydia Finn.


Lydia, an incredibly creative and talented individual had tried multiple career paths but hadn't found her calling.


Alex offered her a 15-hour-per-week Marketing Assistant position, aligning with her creative talents.


On 12th April 2021, Lydia joins Pollard Media.


June 2021 comes by and Alex visits Sarah Keeley who was working at 111 at the time. Jokingly Sarah asks "have you got a job for me yet then?!" Well, funny you say that!


Sarah joins us as a freelance, part-time Client Success Manager, bringing with her years of communications experience from 17 years of working in the Norfolk Constabulary Control Room, Norfolk County Council Operations and various other people facing roles.


Three weeks later, Sarah takes the leap and leaves her job to work for Pollard Media as an employed team member.


It's July 2021 and Pollard Media takes on its first office in Herbert Smith House, Honingham.


It was small, had a slanted roof with one Velux window and was only big enough to accommodate a maximum of 4 people at any one time, but it was our space and we loved it.

We continued to work on growing the business, taking on some new exciting projects, learning new things and developing our knowledge every step of the way.


Shortly after this, Alex and Lydia seek our first set of wheels to travel across Norfolk and Suffolk (and later Cambridgeshire!) in.


They travelled down to Ipswich together and chose a Toyota Aygo which Lydia promptly named 'Marty'!

In December 2021, we celebrate Pollard Media's 1st Birthday and start our hunt for our next Team Member, an Apprentice Digital Marketing Executive with City College Norwich.

Alongside this, Alex & Kevin suffer the bereavement of their Grandmother, & Mother, Doreen - a family member that played a big part in Alex's life & upbringing. It's also at this same time that Alex hands in his resignation at his 9-5 to work on his business full-time at the age of 20.

At this point, there's no turning back. One of Alex's favourite quotes, that he learnt during his time at his previous employer was "In the year 1519, Hernán Cortés arrived in the “New World” with 600 men, and upon arrival, made history by “burning his ships.” This sent a clear message to his men. There is no turning back!  Two years later, he succeeded in his complete conquest of the Aztec empire." So, Alex burnt his ships and went all in on Pollard Media.

In April 2022, Pollard Media agrees the lease on a new office premises In Taverham - around 3-4 times the size of the room that the team was working in at Honingham!


In June 2022, we finally move into our amazing new workspace at Beech Avenue Business Park in Taverham, welcoming clients old & new to meet and collaborate with our team. 


​Toward the end of 2022, we celebrate Pollard Media's 2nd Birthday - doesn't time fly?!

2023 comes around, and we welcome Fiz Chambers to the team as an Apprentice Digital Marketer. Throughout the year, the business continues to adapt and change as we learn and develop.


We are fortunate enough to welcome more new clients to the Pollard Media Family, and earn Google Partner and Meta Business Partner status. Toward the end of the year, we say a fond farewell to Katie who has now moved onto pastures new to further her digital marketing career.

December 2023 comes around, and Pollard Media turns 3 years old.

January 2024 brings us our busiest month to date! We're fortunate to have onboarded a number of new clients, bringing Pollard Media to a record number of clients, further growing our business.


Halfway through 2024, Pollard Media continues to take on new clients from a diverse range of businesses.

As our team adapted, and the needs of the business changed, we decided to seek a new home for Pollard Media, and found our new office premises at Crafton House in Poringland.

Complete with a beautifully appointed new office, with the facility of an amazing business lounge and boardroom, Crafton House was the perfect home for the future of Pollard Media.

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